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Welcome to SiegeCraft!

      Our server offers weekly castle sieges and intense PvP combat. It also has what many servers are sorely lacking, a strong sense of community and people willing to help you get started. Siegecraft was born when we couldn't find any real servers to play on. They all lacked the qualities we required to stay active and play for months on end. We like to think Siegecraft has those qualities and hope our user base will agree.

You can join up with friends in parties, and you can even start your own clan. This entitles you to your own protected plot where you can build a vault to store all your valuables. You can also raid other clans vaults and steal their stuff, if they failed to protect themselves good enough.

There are a few ground rules though:

NO HACKING! (X-ray, fly, PvP-Cheat, or any other mods will get you banned.)
(Rule of thumb: if you have to install it, DON'T.)

If you enjoy this server as much as we do please consider donating to keep it alive. You'll receive special VIP perks. We don't run this server to make a profit, but out of pocket expenses add up.

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